5 Great Solutions to Bad Breath

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If you have been suffering from bad breath or halitosis and are looking for solutions, you may benefit from learning about the common causes and fixes. Read further for 5 great solutions to bad breath in Wilmington, North Carolina. Bad breath can have a variety of explanations, such as:

• Tooth infection, such as with an abscessed tooth – typically, there will be other symptoms, but infection can cause bad breath, so it may be wise to contact the dentist
• Poorly-fitted dental appliances
• Yeast infections of the mouth
• A medical condition of dry mouth (xerostomia)
• Gum disease
• Poor dental habits
• Smoking

There are several things you can do to help eliminate bad breath, but the top five include:

1. Practicing good hygiene – brushing twice daily to remove food debris and plaque. Also, brushing your tongue is a great habit, as well, to eliminate bad breath. Replacing your toothbrush ever few months or after an illness also helps.
2. Seeing your dentist regularly – every 6 months is ideal. They can also determine whether a dental appliance or other issue could be causing your bad breath.
3. Stopping smoking and chewing tobacco-based products, which can create bad breath
4. Drinking a lot of water to help keep your mouth moist, if dealing with dry mouth, or chewing gum to help stimulate the production of saliva
5. Eliminating or reducing foods that may cause bad breath, such as onions, garlic, canned tuna, horseradish, broccoli, & cheese.

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