A Composite Resin Dental Filling Might Be Needed to Repair a Chipped Tooth That Appears in Your Smile

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The teeth in the front of your mouth play dual roles in helping your bite off food while also presenting their appearance in many of your facial expressions. When one of these teeth is chipped, it can cause sensitivity problems, impair your general oral function, and even impact your self-confidence.

It’s important to have a chipped front tooth examined as soon as possible by a professional dentist like Dr. Cory Williams. As time passes plaque and bacterial deposits can build up in the chipped tooth enamel promoting tooth decay. It’s also important to assess the extent of the damage and the overall health of the tooth to determine the necessary treatment method.

If the chip is small, Dr. Cory Williams might be able to repair it with a composite dental filling. This is a special type of dental resin that can be shaded to perfectly match the surrounding tooth enamel. Dr. Cory Williams will install the dental filling by removing a small amount of additional tooth enamel to prepare a strong surface to securely cement a dental filling in place.

Once this is done, he will prepare the composite material and perfectly shade it to match the color of your natural tooth enamel. After applying the dental filling material, Dr. Cory Williams will harden it and bond it in place with an ultraviolet light.

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