All You Need to Know About Dental Crown Treatment

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Dental crowns in Wilmington, North Carolina, are strong, reliable, and beautiful dental restorations that can give you the smile and oral health you’ve always wanted. However, the treatment involved in placing a dental crown may be a bit nerve wracking if you’re not exactly sure what to expect. So, if you’re about to improve your smile with a dental crown, our Cory Williams, DDS team is more than happy to help you feel more comfortable and prepared in the dental chair by explaining the steps involved:

-Step 1: First, your dentist will numb your tooth and surrounding tissues with a local anesthetic. Then, he will prepare the tooth that is receiving the crown by trimming its surface to make room for the restoration.

-Step 2: Once the tooth is the correct size and shape, your dentist will make impressions of the tooth and will send those impressions to the dental lab where your crown will be created. As the technicians make your perfect crown, you will be given a temporary crown so you can go about your everyday life normally.

-Step 3: When the crown is ready, you will come back into our office and your dentist will check the size, fit, and appearance of the new crown. If it provides perfect results, he will remove the temporary crown and will permanently cement the new crown into place.

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