All You Need to Know About Dental Crown Treatment

Dental crowns in Wilmington, North Carolina, are strong, reliable, and beautiful dental restorations that can give you the smile and oral health you’ve always wanted. However, the treatment involved in placing a dental crown may be a bit nerve wracking if you’re not exactly sure what to expect. So, if... Read more »

Are You Beautifying Your Smile With a Dental Veneer? Here’s What to Expect

Dental veneers are beneficial cosmetic treatments that can finally give you the smile you have always wanted. In fact, they can do so in an easy and simple manner. If you’re expecting to beautify your smile with a veneer, this is the treatment process you can look forward to: Step... Read more »

To Our Dear Patients

Here at Cory Williams dentistry, we strive to make each patient feel welcome offering a laid back and comfortable experience. From the beginning you will be warmly greeted by the professional ladies who "run the show”, Lydia and Eryn. These ladies make it happen for you providing knowledge of your... Read more »

What to Look for When You’re Shopping for Toothpaste

According to the American Dental Association, a truly effective daily oral hygiene routine starts by brushing and flossing your teeth twice each day. When brushing your teeth, you should use a soft bristled toothbrush and toothpaste. Toothpaste not only improves the brush’s ability to remove food particles and plaque from... Read more »

Invisalign: Straighter, Cleaner Teeth With No Hassle

Do you have inflamed gums and teeth that misuse the allotted space within your mouth? If you prefer to avoid wearing braces, Invisalign offers a simpler solution to your less-than-straight smile. Foregoing brackets and wires, Invisalign aligners fit snugly over the teeth and gradually push them into a straighter formation.... Read more »

The Habits to Avoid if You Want to Make Your Dentist Happy

Oftentimes, patients are nervous to visit their dentist because they are afraid of disappointing the dental team. If you are one of these people, our Cory Williams, DDS team has some tips for you. As long as you refrain from doing the following things, you will be on the right... Read more »

Smile-Brightening Tips for Teens

If you are a teen who wishes for a whiter and brighter smile to show off to your friends, our Cory Williams, DDS team is thrilled to grant your wish! We recommend teeth-whitening treatments to help you finally love your smile. There are many treatments available in the dental world... Read more »

Gum Disease and Other Medical Conditions

Gum disease is an infection of the gum tissue primarily caused by a buildup of tartar at the gum line. The earliest stage of gum disease, called gingivitis can cause gums red or inflamed gums that bleed easily during brushing and flossing. If gingivitis is left unchecked, it can develop... Read more »

4 Reasons Why Your Dentist Does Not Recommend Tongue Piercings

Tongue piercings can affect your smile and your overall health more than you might realize. There are four major problems that are associated with tongue piercings, and those issues are: Chipped teeth Fractured teeth are major dental problems that often occur because of tongue piercings. Many people tend to chip... Read more »

What Are Cavities?

Here’s a little known fact: parents can pass tooth decay bacteria on to their children by kissing them or sharing eating utensils. Not just parents, but siblings sharing food, straws, or toothbrushes, can spread bacteria. And harmful bacteria in the mouth, particularly streptococcus mutans is the main cause of tooth... Read more »