Dental Restoration Might Call for a Bridge or a Dental Implant

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Losing a tooth to untreated tooth decay, a treatment-based extraction, or a severe dental trauma can have several different effects on your mouth and quality of life. Beyond the obvious impairments to your ability to chew and process food, it can also alter your appearance and clarity of speech. Without some form of dental restoration, the void left in your mouth can cause the adjacent teeth to drift out of their correct alignment, leading to other dental complications.

In a situation like this, you should call 910-763-1072 to explore the dental restoration options available at the dental practice of Dr. Cory Williams in Wilmington, North Carolina. The two most common options involve a bridge restoration or installing a dental implant.

A bridge is a solid piece of dental work that looks like three artificial teeth. The two teeth on the end have hollow cores, similar to a crown. They will anchor the bridge onto the two neighboring teeth.

Dental implants are fast becoming the industry standard for dental restorations. This requires at least one oral surgery to install a titanium abutment directly into the underlying bone structure. Titanium is well known for being biologically safe and will bond with the living bone tissue in that area of your jaw.

Once total fusion has been achieved, Dr. Cory Williams can go about the standard process of fitting the titanium abutment with a standard crown.

If you live in the Wilmington, North Carolina area and are missing a tooth, we invite you to call 910-763-1072 and set up a dental restoration consultation with Dr. Cory Williams. We look forward to restoring your healthy smile!