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The American Dental Association notes that a consistent daily oral hygiene regimen is essential for preventing cavities and periodontal health problems. This consists of making an active effort to thoroughly brush your teeth twice each day, while also remembering to floss at least once every 24 hours.

The flossing component of your daily routine is important for removing food particles and plaque before they can harden into tartar. This is especially important to help prevent the development of gum disease.

If you have tightly spaced teeth, you might find it difficult to insert the strand of floss. Trying to force the strand of dental floss between your teeth, or snapping it into place could potentially harm your periodontal tissues.

In a scenario such as this, you might want to try using waxed dental floss. The special coating of dental-grade wax on the strand allows it slip into tight places with ease. This can help reduce your chances of suffering periodontal trauma while also keeping you encouraged to floss each day.

It is also important to have a routine dental checkup every six months from a qualified dentist like Dr. Cory Williams. This appointment is designed to remove all traces of plaque and tartar from your teeth. This will also help monitor the health of your teeth, gums, and other oral tissues.

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