Teeth Lost to Severe Tooth Decay Might Be Replaced with a Removable Denture

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Cavities are often the result of long-term inconsistent or ineffective oral hygiene practices. While they often start out as small areas of demineralized tooth enamel, even minor dental caries can exacerbate into a large area of tooth decay.

Without professional intervention and treatment from a dentist like Dr. Cory Williams the tooth decay will inevitably spread. In time multiple teeth might be too severely compromised for conventional treatment with a root canal. This might require total extraction, to alleviate the pain and prevent a dangerous infection from developing deep in your gums.

Once any infection concerns have passed and the local gum tissues have healed, Dr. Cory Williams can help you understand your options for replicating the basic function and appearance of the missing teeth.

If you there isn’t enough healthy bone structure in the area to support a dental implant restoration, he might recommend fitting you for a removable partial denture.

This removable dental appliance is essentially an abbreviated form of a complete denture designed to replicate each of your missing teeth. It will be produced in a professional dental lab to closely mimic the shape, appearance, and presence of your missing teeth.

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