Your Finest Smile Should Include Interdental Cleaners

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Building a better smile includes taking the necessary steps to strengthen your tooth enamel. Practice effective oral hygiene routines on a daily basis so you can drastically lower your risk for dental erosion and other oral ailments that can arise. On a daily basis, you should be brushing and flossing effectively. When determining which form of dental floss will work best for you, it is important to always determine your oral health care needs and desires. If you wish to use a traditional thread, dental floss can prove to be effective. However, an interdental cleaner such as a water flosser can also be used.

If you decide to use an interdental cleaner such as a water flosser, it’s a good idea to understand the benefits it can provide. Water flossers are extremely effective because they do not require any thread at all. Instead, they focus on using a steady gush of water to clean between teeth safely and effectively. In many instances, water flossers can prove to be highly beneficial when you suffer from oral ailments such as muscle decay or joint pain. Since they are easier to operate, water flossers can be used at an advanced age.

If you do decide on using a dental floss that consists of thread, always make sure you select products that are shred-resistant. Single filament thread will not shred, so you can easily continue to floss between each and every tooth without the fear that the floss will fray or tear. When flossing between your teeth, leave no tooth untouched, or plaque buildup can pool and eventually lead to tartar. Furthermore, make sure to never use the same section of a strand more than once and never use the same strand for more than one session, as doing so can greatly increase your risk for recontamination.

If you do choose to use traditional dental floss, make sure the strand is at least 18 inches in length. This is important because if it’s not long enough, you may end up causing recontamination due to debris being pushed around between different areas. Lastly, after you finish flossing, throw away the strand and use a new strand for each subsequent session thereafter.

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